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The curriculum from Nursery to Std XII includes the following core subject and the following activities.

Nursery -

To develop motivation towards study in school environment, an introduction to the capital letters of alphabets in English, Hindi & Numbers 1 to 20, coloring.

Kindergarten -    

Children learn to write the cursive alphabets in English & Hindi, reading & writing of short words in both the languages, Number 1 to 100, drawing.

STD I to V –

English, Hindi, Maths, Environment, Studies, Computer, Music, General Knowledge, Value Education, Sanskrit (for V) SUPW, Drawing & Crafts.


English, Hindi, Sanskrit, General Science, Modern Mathematics, Social Studies, Crafts, Drawing & Painting, Music, General Knowledge, SUPW, Computer Science and Mental Mathematics.

STD IX & X –

Compulsory Subject: Hindi Course-A, Communicative English, Mathematics, Science and Technology and Social Science.

STD XI & XII –  (10+2) Pattern :

Science Stream: Compulsory – English, Physics & Chemistry, Optional – Maths/Hindi, Biology / Physical Education (any two may be offered).

Commerce Stream: Compulsory – English Core, Business Studies, Accountancy & Economics. Optional – Hindi / Physical Education / Maths (anyone may be offered). 


In each academic year the school will hold the following test and examinations.

1.      Exam Schemes from Classes I to VIII: The school will conduct two terminal examinations in the entire year from class I to VIII. Periodic Assessment–I and Half Yearly Examination will be included with Term-I (April – September) and Periodic Assessment –II and Annual Examination will be included with Term-II (October-March). Class assessment and Project activity will also be included with each term.

2.      Exam Schemes from classes XI and X: For class-IX and X three periodic written tests will be conducted in the entire year and the average of best two will be taken for final mark submission.

3.      Pre-Board Examination- These examinations are conducted twice (Jan. & Feb.) for the students of classes X & XII. These examinations are based on complete syllabus of each subject. These examinations help the students to face the Board / Annual Examination as well as to understand the system of the Board Examination.

4.      Board Examination – It is started from first week of March every year for the students of class XII and class X. It is confirmed that periodic exams are not applicable for classes XI & XII. For these classes Quarterly in the month of August, Half Yearly in the Month of October and Annual Examination in the month of Feb./March are conducted.


5.      Exam – Scheme for Nursery L.K.G. & U.K.G.-The school academic year in planned out from April to March and is divided into three terms. At the end of the each term three will be periodical assessment i.e. Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual Examination. 

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